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Dream It. Design It. Postive.

We are operating under IT Industry, mainly working on Software Development for Small & Medium Business.

Postive is your go-to social media post maker app designed to create stand-out customized social media posts for Small & Medium Businesses. We have covered every entrepreneurs from all business industries.

Ditch the Designer - Build Social Media Content with Ease - anytime, anywhere.

Your social media pages should be a bustling marketplace that draws attention to your wares, celebrations, and promotions. With Postive, you can create, customize and communicate all your messages with ease. Pick from our meticulously curated templates perfected for all social media requirements, and customize design, style, size, and content - in just a few clicks.

No design experience is required!

No expensive tools are needed!

Creating social media posts using Postive is super-easy, super-fun, and super-fast!

Design, customize, edit and create professional and original content using hundreds of unique templates and easy-to-use drag-drop customization features.

All you need is a few minutes to create visually captivating unique social media posts that are royalty-free.

Once you are done with the customization, the images are yours to enjoy forever. Use, remake, repurpose and transform one stunning image into multiple posts on all social media platforms - at one go.

Share your personalized posts directly from the application to your social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn - with one click.

Postive makes the complex design work easy and interesting. Play around with the colors, fonts, stickers, and frames to create original visual content. Liven up your social media persona with regular posts on everyday happenings - effortlessly.

Customizable Templates
  • Choose from our curated templates based on various social media post image dimensions, and develop tailored, unique posts by applying your content and design inspiration.
  • Develop clickable FB posts, trending Tweets, sharable Insta Stories, leading LinkedIn posts, and more.
Photo Editing
  • Add your brand design, color, text, and style effortlessly.
  • Adjust size, and brightness, apply filters and load up with stickers - the choice is yours.
Trend on Every Social Media
  • Boost your social quotient and hit it high with relevant, clickable, and trending posts.
  • Be your own boss - create complete promotional pieces with NO TECHNICAL EXPERTISE.

Postive is ideally suited for small to large brands wanting to carve a unique space in the social media ecosphere at nominal charges.

Become visually and digitally omnipresent by posting stunning, fun, and timely social media posts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Postive is a platform for the creation of social media posts and other graphics for the purposes of marketing and influencing.

Postive helps generate brand awareness by creating beautiful graphics for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Postive helps create social media posts using high-quality graphic templates. This helps spread awareness about your brand in an eye-catching way, and it also works for marketing communications.

Yes, you can use Postive for free for a week. After your trial is over, you can either continue using it with a watermark or subscribe to unlock everything at Rs. 1499 per year.

You'll first have to sign up for a Postive account. Once your account is ready, you can open the app. Here, you’ll find various professional templates that match your selected industry. You can use these templates to generate your content using the various included tools.

In case your query isn’t resolved in these FAQs, please feel free to visit our help centre at any time.

You can email us on digital@postit.digital with your registered mobile number and email address. We will process the request in next 7 working days and will update once done.

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