How To Grow A Small Business During The Festive Season

How To Grow A Small Business
During The Festive Season

Postive 12 September, 2023

Holiday season is just around the corner and Sales of electronics, apparel, jewellery, footwear, and many other items spike significantly at this time. Regardless of size, every company searches for appealing ways to increase sales because this is the most crucial period for business owners. Online sales over India's holiday season are predicted to total $9.2 billion, according to a research.

With the holidays quickly approaching, there is a fantastic opportunity to increase sales and revenue when customers are enthusiastic about buying, such as during festivals. The holiday season is the perfect time to promote your eCommerce business, so take advantage of this chance and increase your revenue by using marketing techniques.

Tips To Grow Small Business During The Festive Season

  • 1. Increase Your Product Offering

    What goods will you be preparing for the holidays specifically? If you don't have any brand-new products to debut, consider combining your most well-liked products into a set that is ideal for gift- giving. Alternately, consider including a handcrafted component into your line of items. Talk with your staff about creative uses for your current products that will make them more appropriate for holiday shoppers.

  • 2. Select the Best Marketing Channels

    The time, money, and effort invested in the business to promote your holiday sales are ensured by selecting the appropriate marketing channels. Additionally, it helps to better identify the target group so you can tailor your messaging and increase sales.

    For increasing your online sales, you can choose from a variety of marketing channels:

    • Social Media :Websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and others, for free publishing as well as for paid advertisements.
    • Search Engines :You need to take care of things like Google and Bing ads, SEO content for natural traffic, and a Google business listing where you may post discounts and offers.
    • Email Marketing :As a company, you can send out a holiday email series or include specials for the season in your regular newsletters.
    • Offline Marketing :Additional offline marketing tactics include fliers distributed in-store, radio and television advertisements, and more.
  • 3. Create a stress-free environment

    Shopping for the holidays in-store may get very chaotic rather than pleasant. Incorporate a small stress-free area with colouring books, coloured pencils, stress-relieving balls, and fidget spinners in your store. Set up a table with refreshments and invite people to relax for a while or give them the option of taking a stress-relieving item with them. This will encourage customers to stay in your store longer and discover another reason to put it on their list of places to visit.

  • 4. Offer unique discounts and promotions, such as free shipping

    Another strategy to increase sales over the holiday season is to provide frequent and devoted consumers with exclusive specials and offers on your items. You can give them holiday presents they'll accept and enjoy. Keeping solid relationships with your current customers is one of the more difficult tasks compared to acquiring new ones.

    As a business, you might also give customers gift cards or discounts on their holiday purchases. Customers will be inspired to shop more, spread the word about the bargains, and recommend your business to their friends and family as a result.

  • 5. Enhance your social media game

    For holiday promotion ideas, social media may be a huge asset. Your social media approach for the holidays should be centred around the holiday and its celebration of joy. Determine which social media platforms are most effective for your eCommerce channel first. Organise your marketing initiatives around those users and channels.

    Start your holiday celebrations by upgrading your social media profiles' banners, cover photographs, and other visual elements. Your social media imagery should showcase the fantastic sales, rebates, and promotions your followers may look forward to.

  • 6. Customise Emails for Customers

    Emails should be used by digital marketers to increase sales to prospective clients. Sending customised emails with their name and relevant information is a terrific idea if they have been a long-time customer, perhaps for a year.

    This tactic serves as a reminder to your clients of your appreciation for their loyalty. It is a fantastic idea at any time and works particularly well for holiday marketing campaigns.

  • 7. Put more emphasis on customer service

    People primarily shop throughout the holiday season. As more individuals purchase, more problems related to their experiences arise. A company's top goal should be to address customer grievances and problems. You should maintain top-notch customer care at this time to prevent unfavourable reviews of your company.

It can be difficult to establish your unique identity in the industry given the abundance of small and large eCommerce firms. Don't forget to plan, test, and keep track of everything—from spending to sales, profit to return rate.

During the holiday season, a variety of items are purchased. To make your firm stand out from the competition, all you need to do is grow sales using the appropriate marketing methods.