10 Tips For Branding Your Business During The Festive Season

10 Tips For Branding Your Business
During The Festive Season

Postive 01 August, 2023

Businesses have a lot of opportunities to boost sales during the holidays, which can get even better if you spice up your marketing strategy with seasonal branding.

Seasonal branding is a marketing strategy in which your brand identity is temporarily enhanced.You can "decorate" your online presence with seasonal branding in the same way that brick-and-mortar businesses decorate their stores during the holidays, for instance.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that this does not imply that you are rebranding; rather, all that has changed is the "look" of your brand to match the season.

Tips For Branding Your Business During The Festive Season

  • 1. Email customers a festival greeting

    As the holiday season draws near, give some thought to your company and the people who use it.

    Do you intend to send greetings or cards?If not, why not?What should they say in that case?

    During this time of year, a lot of businesses send out holiday greeting cards, but many of them only say "Happy holidays."The traditional "thank you for being a customer" message can be found in many forms.

    Greeting cards with funny messages or pictures, cards with tips for staying organised or motivational quotes, and cards with stories of good times with family or friends are all creative ideas.

    People trust what their postal carrier has to say more than they trust a website, so a memorable message sent by mail will have a much greater impact than one sent online.

  • 2. Offer freebies and discounts

    We all want the best deals, and you should too. By offering samples or discounts to your customers, you can save money and get ready for festivals. During busy times when holiday purchases make up a large portion of your sales, this is an excellent strategy for increasing sales.Between September and December, India's busiest festival season, businesses generate 60% of their annual revenue.

    If you are able to provide early-bird discounts through the websites of the brands, even better, these offers or samples can assist you in acquiring new customers.

    The most important thing is to have a plan that works for both you and your clients.This could mean having an email list or social media account that tells customers about new products, special deals, or discounts. So that you can keep growing your business and improving your service, make sure you keep track of which aspects of your strategy are working.

  • 3. Festival Advertising Campaigns

    A festival is a day when people from all walks of life, regardless of their background, gather to celebrate the joyous occasion with pomp and splendor.

    Festival ads are one of the best ways to get your message out to people and get them to remember your brand.It contributes to the development of an emotional connection between the customer and your brand.

    One idea is to offer your customers a gift that is related to your brand that they can give to their loved ones or to hold a competition in which they can win something that is related to your brand.

    As a way to commemorate the festival, you can also run an advertising campaign that features your product prominently.

    When creating festival advertisements or running a campaign, these are some important considerations to keep in mind :

    • You should give a lot of importance to all of the holidays that your customers observe, including religious, national, and even cultural holidays.
    • Make a plan that includes people of all religions so that no one will be offended or feel excluded.
    • Include not only major festivals but also minorities' celebrations (such as Chhath Puja, for example).
  • 4. Sponsoring events

    One of the best ways to connect with your target audience and boost your brand's image is to sponsor a celebration or event.

    You can take advantage of this opportunity, give them a platform to do so, and make sure that your company and products are promoted before, during, and after it. You can also keep a variety of competitions, quizzes, and contests to promote your brand at the event.

  • 5. Keep communicating

    During festive season, celebrating and having a good time are the first things on most people's minds but it's also a good time to work on growing your business.

    Keep in touch with your corporate clients and your customers during festivals, contrary to popular belief. However, not everyone experiences this.This is a good time to pitch because they receive the fewest calls for business development at this time. During and after the festivals, therefore, keep in touch with your clients and customers regularly. The numerous activities that go along with the holiday season, like shopping and making travel plans, adds a lot of stress. People can become irritable as a result of stress, so avoid acting in a way that will annoy them.

  • 6. Cross-selling your products

    Cross-selling is key when it comes to festivals.

    It entails ensuring that your product is available for purchase all day, not just at specific times. Cross-selling your products during off-peak times and raising your recommended price above the official price when it's more profitable are examples of strategies that work for both parties.

    However, there is no reason why you cannot profit from this. Cross-selling is, in fact, essential when it comes to festivals.It entails ensuring that your product is available for purchase all day, not just at specific times.Cross- selling your products during off-peak times and pushing your recommended price higher than the official price when it's more profitable are both examples of strategies that work for both parties.

  • 7. Upsell our products

    Upselling your products is one of the easiest and most efficient methods for increasing sales. This means offering a product that a customer is already interested in but is more expensive or of higher quality.

    When a customer buys from you, upselling makes sure that they spend more money. Upselling at festivals is best when people want to spend money, not just their fellow shoppers.

  • 8. Hold giveaways or contests

    If there is one thing that is true in the retail industry, it is that the more people who visit your brand, the better it is. To attract audience, hold a contest or give away. Amazing sales result from holding a contest during festival times.

    There is always a promotion with some kind of prize for the winners. Promoting your product or service is an effective strategy for both attracting new customers and retaining current ones.

  • 9. Keep a check on Ad Budgets during festivals

    Managing your advertising budget wisely during the festival season is essential if you are working with a limited budget.It's always a good idea to advertise during festivals and other special events.Promoting special deals or coupons can bring in a large number of customers, which could help your business grow significantly.

    If you advertise effectively during festival season, you could easily acquire hundreds of new customers.

  • 10. Keep it simple

    Lastly, maintain simplicity. As previously stated, modifications ought to be straightforward enough to permit a return to standard branding. In order to keep things simple, you must also ensure that you remain familiar with the changes.

    Don't go overboard with seasonal advertising campaigns and promotions just to get noticed. Instead, curate your brand messaging to ensure that it connects with your target audience. In the midst of all the holiday-related advertising "noise," this is a better strategy for distinguishing yourself from the competition.