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Happy Chocolate Day 2024:
Quotes, Wishes, Messages & Posters

Postive 05 July, 2024

India is a country blessed with 2 chocolate days, one in February and the other on July 7th, which is also the day that we share with the rest of the world. World Chocolate Day is celebrated in July in the significant presence of CHOCOLATE all around the world, though the discovery of chocolate is more primitive than one thinks, its history and evolution are both majorly unknown. This chocolate day on 7th July, let's get together as a community and give our CHOCOLATES a new presence in our historical growth, rather than lowering their status to just a mere sweet treat.

Chocolate is this wonderful thing that started as a currency in its earlier eras but later turned out to be too delicious to be missed from people's daily meals. Belgium now the major hub of chocolate production and exports, suggested recently that the amount of relaxation that chocolate brings to the brain is a natural mood enhancer. While our Dentists keep suggesting against us, there have also been studies, suggesting that chocolate does have some antibacterial effects on your mouth, chocolate isn't all bad then is it?

Why The Day is Celebrated

The origins of World Chocolate Day can be traced to Spanish explorers who brought chocolate from the Americas to Europe in the sixteenth century. Chocolate was first used by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs as a bitter beverage, but with the addition of sugar and milk, it transformed into the delicious treat that it is today.

World Chocolate Day was created to commemorate chocolate, a delectable treat that gained popularity in Europe by the 19th century. This day honors chocolate's societal and historical significance in addition to its culinary evolution. The first time was celebrated in Europe in the year 2009, with a significatory assumption that chocolate was introduced in Europe on July 7th in the year 1550s.

We talk about the history and production process of Chocolate on World Chocolate Day because how else could we tell the world about the significance of chocolate in every country's life and economic growth.

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World Chocolate Day Quotes

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Hence here are a few examples of CHOCOLATY quotes from the Postive festival post maker app:

  • Nothing is more romantic than chocolate. (Ted Allen)
  • Nothing is as alluring as a piece of chocolate you can't have. (Nina Sandmann)
  • Chocolate is a gift of love to yourself. (Sonja Blumenthal)
  • The 12-step Chocoholics program: Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate! (Terry Moore)
  • My superpower is to make your chocolate disappear.
  • I could give up chocolate but I am not a quitter.
  • Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays.
  • Being a certified chocolate taster.
  • Chocolate is ground from the beans of happiness. (Terri Guillemets)
  • Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates. (Fernando Pessoa)

World Chocolate Day 2024 Wishes

World Chocolate Day wishes are supposed to be sweet, sober, and playful. For cute phrases of such sort and to reach out to your mass clientele via your social media handles, it is time to use the Postive Festival Poster Maker App, to make relevant templates for all your social media postings and to find your identity in our creatives.

  • Happy World Chocolate Day: Celebrate all the sweetness in your life.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: Light up your heart and mood with various chocolates.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: May this chocolaty day last forever.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: Choco is more than just a sweet.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: Know the history of your favorite dessert.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: May your lives be exactly like chocolate, perfectly sweet and bitter.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: Chocolate in all forms is wonderful.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: It's just the ingredient that matters, not the dishes.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: The day of relaxation and happiness.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day: Thank god for the Europeans for spreading this delight.

World Chocolate Day 2024 Messages

This World Chocolate Day, bring out sincere and happy messages for your crowd to relate with, and give them a much-needed tribute for their chocolate cravings by joining hands with the Postive Festival Poster Maker App to form creative post messages for your social media handles.

Here are a few examples of wonderful messages that can be posted this World Chocolate Day:

  • This World Chocolate Day, ditch your diet!
  • This World Chocolate Day, act on all your sweet cravings.
  • As much as the food industry grows, they will never conquer Chocolate.
  • Chocolate is the answer to all our moods.
  • Happy World Chocolate Day, this day was universally accepted to be dedicated ONLY TO CHOCOLATES.
  • This World Chocolate Day, contact your far-off friends and share your favorite chocolates.
  • Chocolate is the only natural sweetener that will always overpower sugar.
  • Chocolate has never been unwanted.
  • It's all in white, brown, and dark; this is the food that removed racism!
  • Chocolate theory is: YOU have to eat all of the chocolate to be happy!

World Chocolate Day 2024 Posters

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Here are some wonderful examples of World Chocolate Day Posters:

  • Poster 1 : Chocolate! It is the only true love.

  • Poster 2 : Cocoa beans are the best sort of beans out theres.

  • Poster 3 : If you are sad or happy, just have a piece of dark melting chocolate.

  • Poster 4 : White chocolate may not be original chocolate, but it will always be my palette buddy.

  • Poster 5 : Chocolate House is my ambition.

  • Poster 6 : In a world of sugar-free and vegan, let's be chocolate lovers.

  • Poster 7 : Chocolate will never disappoint.

  • Poster 8 : The best thing about chocolate is that familiar nostalgia that always calms you.

  • Poster 9 : Chocolate is the sweet version of Cheese, it CAN NOT BE HATED.

  • Poster 10 : Chocolate is the absolute treat of nature.