Strategies to promote your Beauty Salon on Instagram with Postive App

Strategies To Promote Your Beauty Salon
On Instagram with Postive App

Postive 19 June, 2024

Beauty salons all over the world have a massive boost in the recent years of working. In India, the beauty and private care sector is expanding quickly, and this also applies to the salon industry. Based on the rising demand for beauty and personal grooming services, the expansion of e-commerce, and the influence of social media platforms, the Indian salon sector is projected to grow at a 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) until it reaches INR 1.75 trillion in 2026. Businesses in the sector now have fantastic chances to capitalize on the growing need for beauty and individual care services. Understanding consumer preferences, sticking to regulations, and developing a strong brand are crucial factors for businesses looking to enter the Indian salon market.

Since this market is on the verge of creating a global spectacle for itself, there seems to be a need to cater to all their marketing agendas. Working in the same industry, it is next to impossible that every beauty salon shall come up with a unique and “specific to themselves” marketic strategy for their brand. Hence it is important to come up with different yet relatable to field, marketing ideas for beauty salons.

Specially when social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are in such high reach, it becomes an opportunity to savor, where the beauty salons can put up attractive and subjective advertisements for their brands, hence the article shall also elaborate further on Instagram marketing tips for beauty salons. Here are some effective tips for Social Media Marketing by Postive App.

Postive Festival Post Maker App brings your brand and your company to new avenues of creativeness and uniqueness. The app provides the users with a variety of options to choose from, to make a social media post that would turn heads and make people gaze at them. If you think, you could find a better way for yourself with your subjective set of words, don't you worry, because we have got you covered. Using Postive you wouldn't be confined to a set of posts already curated but would also have the vivid opportunity to form your own posts, with your own creatives and your own quotes, to show the best of your brand and services out to the public.

With Postive, form the best of your posts to lure in the greatest amount of public, specially your targeted audience. Get the option of forming the best caption showing posts, showcase the best of your offers with your desired graphics and create a fan base like none other before.

The Offers That Lure In

As a salon business, putting out new offers and varieties of services is pretty much a seasonal business policy. To spread these offers out in public is one of the biggest tasks for a company. This is where Postive comes in. The app helps to curate the best of varieties for your posts and other posters and banners that you wish to share out to your customers, explaining them about the new schemes. Make your own template for the same, choose a color scheme that matches your idea and showcases your brand name. Bring in the most subjectively ironical lines for your customers to engage in and choose the exact amount of information that you wish to tell them.

  • SUMMER TRENDING HAIRSTYLES: Achieve the most “talked about” hairstyle this summer on a discounted price to make your summer non-frizzy and ICONIC.
  • Welcome to the world of RELAXING MASSAGES, bring in yourself to your nearest outlet and avail what every tired body wishes for. A RELAXING BODY MASSAGE AND SPA AND JUST ***.
  • “THE HUES OF NATURE”: Attend this new festival and give your manicure a wonderful twist of colours.

The above written poster and template ideas are a few suggestions that shall help you utilize the Postive Festival Post Maker App material with a better technique and word decision.

Show A Game And Throw In Your Name

With the current amount of advertisements and brain heaviness that one experiences, it is pretty easy to be forgetful of your salon's name and identity in the crowd of others. That is when your marketing strategy needs a “que of remembrance”. In easy words, something that is associated with your brand in such depth that when they see the given thing or character somewhere else, the mind instantly switches back to your salon name. Eg: Think of Coca cola and the color that pops up in the head is red, for the brand logo. Now think about an apple, and you would realise that the first thing that pops in your head are the electronics and not the fruit that once was known to keep the doctor away.

Using Postive customizable colorful templates to highlight YOUR own associated color scheme and using the logo design that are unique to you can be one of the greatest strategies to conquer the consumer's subconscious brain.

Here are a few design examples that will help you relate to the given marketing strategy better:

  • Use a stringent color palette: Usage of 2 primary or one bright and one mellowed down color in all your advertising templates shall be a must to create a significant impact.
  • Use Postive templates to send general reminder emails to your customers, with quotes and phrases that are light hearted and inviting.
  • Bring in a particular pattern aesthetic into your favor: Use geometry color mix or wavy color mix to enhance your brand uniqueness.

Push Up Your Email Game

Owning a salon or a beauty business is majorly about knowing the current trends and the skin imparities that the season and the lifestyle may be bringing for the masses out there. It is important to address them and make your customers feel seen and safe with them. A salon is a major part of people's life and there is nothing that makes someone happier than availing these services at a discounted price, in a festive mood, or even with a few extra benefits. It is the aim of making your sales fun.

Sending emails to your registered customers regarding your schemes, general information about your brand, giving the customers a piece of related information about skin and hair or nails or even sending some festive wish to them in a personalised form via their email.

  • HAPPY NATIONAL HAIR DAY: This is your que to visit your favourite hairstylists at our salon RIGHT NOW!!

  • Happy National Hair Day: Thai October, let's do something AGAINST Halloween.

  • Happy National Hair Day: Let's be terrifyingly Intoxicating this Halloween!!

These are some ideas to send personalised emails to your clients, every related day and every festival to always stay up to date and never miss your shot with Postive Festival Post maker App.

Instagram Is Where The Crowd Is

When reaching out to your already existing clientele, email work is awesome, but what about getting new clients? Well for that you have the best of social media platform that helps you reach the mass public, and using the algorithm, also the interested one. Instagram posting is nowadays the most efficient marketing strategy, but also the most exhausted one.

Making a unique post for your Instagram handle is a tricky process and requires bright and fresh ideas with a sense of captivisation for your services and products to attract in the public. Hence, here are some ideas by Postive, to help you use common words into your favor.

  • Beginning with the month of TWINS: Bring out your boldness. IT'S time to bless your head with RED.

  • AH! WHAT A DAY IT HAS BEEN: tired of work?? Well we are ALWAYS here to provide you with the most relaxing manicure you've ever had.

  • Beat the Heat with our new Neem and Tea tree oil infused facial formulas!! Drop your phones and visit the Salon today!!

These are some ideas to send personalised emails to your clients, every related day and every festival to always stay up to date and never miss your shot with Postive Festival Post maker App.

Postive Festival Post Maker App

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