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World Brain Tumor Day 2024:
Theme, History, Significance, Awareness Messages & Posters

Postive 05 June, 2024

When compared to other cancer types, brain tumors are comparatively uncommon. Brain tumors make up about 2% of all cancers in India, corresponding to the findings of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). About 30,000 fresh instances of brain tumors are projected to be diagnosed in India annually. All ages can be affected by brain tumors, but certain kinds may be more common in particular age groups.

This year on World Brain Tumor Day let's talk about how brain tumors are well known diseases yet very unknown as well, people see it as an unsolvable disease due to lack of understanding of this neurological issue. In India, brain tumors are common in children and adults.

World Brain Tumor Day History

World Brain Tumor Day was started in 2000 on 8th June. It was commemorated by a German brain tumor association named Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe (yes, even we don't know how to pronounce it verbally), this day was specially established to pay tribute to the sufferers of brain tumor patients and their families.

It has been spearheaded by the established FEDERATION OF NEUROLOGY (WFN) which has been in collaboration with all 6 WFN regions. This year there has been innate support by World Health Organisations (WHO).

World Brain Tumor Day Significance

This year has been the 24th Birth anniversary of the World Brain Tumor Day, focusing majorly on disorders like epilepsy and schizophrenia. The main focus of this year's World Brain Tumor Day is in accordance with the UN's Intersectoral Global action Plan (IGAP). The significance of this day stands for the respect of those who suffer from diseases and disorders, yet fail to receive proper treatment for the same. The sufferers in India are several but help is seldom. India is not a country who is tormented by neurologically ill citizens per se, yet there is still a constructive taboo towards the same. Hence issues of neurological diseases aren't talked much about since they become content for public humiliation and de-socialising.

This day is for those who suffer but don't speak. For those who lack belief in themselves and for those who have been failed by the world to respect and acknowledge their issues.

World Brain Tumor Day Theme

The theme for 2024 has not been officially out yet, though there have been speculations about the theme revolving around the concept of “disorders” this year rather than “diseases”. Hence the umbrella topic for theme selection is to be “BRAIN HEALTH AND PREVENTION”.

WFN is concerned with the growing range of neurological disorders that have been affecting people in one or the other way, but still lack the publicity of the same. This day is a much needed attention that is being provided to the Neurological aspect of the body, because even in the 20th century, neurological issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders etc are considered a scam and a “western concept”. Here the celebration and discussion of the day are very important.

Basics Of Brain Tumor

An abnormal development of brain cells is called a brain tumor. It may form in the brain's surrounding tissues or in various regions of the brain. Brain tumors can impair regular brain functions and can be either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). For early detection, accurate diagnosis, and successful treatment, it is essential to comprehend the biology of brain tumors as well as how they affect health. Brain tumors classified as primary originate from the brain tissue itself. Meningiomas, medulloblastomas, and pituitary adenomas are a few common forms of primary brain tumors. Metastatic brain tumors are another name for secondary brain tumors. This disorder arises when cancer cells separate from the main tumor, move via the lymphatic or circulatory systems, and form separate tumors in the central nervous system.

Physicians assess the patient's signs and medical history before beginning a neurological and physical exam if a brain tumor is suspected. This examination aids in evaluating any anomalies or indicators that might point to the existence of a brain tumor. When a brain tumor becomes apparent following the initial examination, additional diagnostic tests are carried out to confirm the diagnosis.

World Brain Tumor Day Awareness Messages

This year on , Make forever respectful and appreciative posters and posts for the sake of those who suffer silently, while motivating them to gather the courage of speaking out loud and seek help. Get Postive Festival Post Maker App in handy, where your ideas guide the poster templates to produce the best form of wishes and quotes for this World Brain Tumor Day.

  • World Brain Tumor Day: To celebrate those fought over the illness.
  • This brain Tumor day respects those who paid for Neurological science with their life.
  • Epilepsy is not a disease!! A struggle that people go through with will and resilience.
  • Don't give up! Stop the world at its feet and proceed without hesitation.
  • Taboos are to be broken and manicured into a revolting benchmark.
  • It's time to inspire the kids to seek help for Brain tumors.
  • It's you, that has the ability to change the world, all the rest, are just basic.
  • When life give us lemon, we include it into a balanced diet to cure tumor.
  • This WORLD BRAIN TUMOR DAY We want to spread awareness.

World Brain Tumor Day Poster Ideas

Format and create posts that spread awareness and love, to those who function with an issue everyday, yet as a society we fail them, again, everyday. With Postive Festival Poster Maker App it's time for us to reach out and give support, not because they need us to, but because as a society it's our responsibility to.

  • Poster 1 : WORLD BRAIN TUMOR DAY: Break the taboo.

  • Poster 2 : WORLD BRAIN TUMOR DAY: Neurodivergent is the new Intelligent.

  • Poster 3 : Spread your wings, Talk about what's necessary.

  • Poster 4 : HAPPY WORLD BRAIN TUMOR DAY: It's time to recognise the symptoms

  • Poster 5 : WORLD BRAIN TUMOR DAY: It's our time to talk about it.

  • Poster 6 : Sticks and Stones DON'T BREAK MY BONES: Happy Brain Tumor Day.

  • Poster 7 : We will talk, We will seek help. …………..

  • Poster 8 : Free your thoughts, free your treatment taboos.

  • Poster 9 : Go with the Flow? No! It's time to defy the taboo.

  • Poster 10 : HAPPY WORLD BRAIN TUMOR DAY: Our hearts wants to speak up.