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World Population Day 2024:
Theme, Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Posters

Postive 08 July, 2024

World Population Day is not like other days, simply because of the reason that the main significance of its inauguration is not the one that is being followed right now. This is the rare day for which the importance has changed over time. While it was started to celebrate the “5 billion” population of the world in the year 1987, is now being celebrated to show the negative effects that it is having on the world and the people as well, and now has become a day to raise awareness of how to control further population growth and how to save nature from the negatives of the population growth.

World Population Day Historical Significance

Every year on July 11, the world observes World Population Day, also called International Population Day, as a way to bring attention to the complexity of global population issues. On July 11, 1987, the world's population reached five billion. This day marks the anniversary of that event, known as the "Day of Five Billion." The event also provides a forum for appreciating and highlighting the significant opportunities and challenges presented by worldwide population trends and their impact on global health, well-being, and sustainable development. On July 11, 1987, there were roughly five billion people on the planet. This was a historic occasion that brought attention to the world's fast population growth. On this day, concerns about population growth dynamics, resource management, and sustainable development came into sharper focus.

Every year, (UNDP) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) collaborate to choose a new theme. to increase understanding of issues related to the world's population and how they affect sustainable development. After the "Day of Five Billion" garnered attention, (UNDP) recognized the need for a targeted approach to population issues. Because of this, the UNDP Governing Council created the Day of Five Billion in 1989, which is celebrated on July 11 of each year. The aim was to foster comprehension and consciousness regarding population challenges, while also promoting the incorporation of these factors into policies and initiatives.

World Population Day 2024 Theme

The theme for this year is “To Leave No One Behind, Count Everyone”, this theme emphasizes the idea of data collection needs for worldwide diversity-capturing, which would help the UN to help and accommodate everyone into their welfare schemes and mass help facility programs.

Hence the World Population Day Theme this year is accommodating everyone and not making anyone feel left out regardless of their gender, race, caste, religion, and region. On World Population Day in 2024, we should reflect on who is still uncounted, why, and the costs to individuals, societies, and our collective efforts to ensure that no one is left behind. To guarantee that everyone is seen, able to exercise their human rights, and able to realize their full potential, we should all pledge to do more today to make sure that our data systems capture the entire spectrum of human diversity. We must count on those who are marginalized in our society to recognize their rights and freedoms, as everyone matters. The strength of our intricate human fabric is determined by the weakest link. Everybody benefits when data and other systems function for those who are marginalized.

World Population Day 2024 Wishes

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Here are a few examples of World Population Day Wishes:

  • Happy World Population Day: Find a way to save our planet.
  • Happy World Population Day: Nobody is an outsider!
  • Happy World Population Day: Our Needs shouldn't be world's waste.
  • Happy World Population Day: Our future generations need our nature.
  • Happy World Population Day: Sustainability is not a solution, it is a way of life.
  • Happy World Population Day: We aim to save and support.
  • Happy World Population Day: Everybody matters.
  • Happy World Population Day: Global support is for everyone.
  • Happy World Population Day: Wishing everyone a happy sustainability awareness day.
  • Happy World Population Day: Here is to leave no one behind.

World Population Day Messages

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Here are some examples of World Population Day messages for our users:

  • This World Population Day is about supporting all and supporting all.
  • World Population Day is a sustainability awareness day.
  • We celebrate World Population Day to come together and think about our future generations.
  • World Population Day 2024 is an initiative to remove our differences for the sake of the future.
  • World Population Day: Depletion of resources is a global problem.
  • World Population Day: Welcome to the discussion of our future safety.
  • World Population Day is to spread awareness of the rapid growth.
  • World Population Day: Our world's safety is our responsibility.
  • World Population Day is for our aim to inhabit the planet with its complete resources.
  • World Population Day is more for our children than for us.

World Population Day Quotes

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Here are a few quotes as examples:

  • Rapid population growth is at the center of many of the world's pressing environmental, economic, and security problems - Malcolm Potts
  • The world is finite. For everybody in the world to have the same lifestyle that we [in the West] have now, at only six billion people, would take four additional Earths. - Margret Atwood
  • Without a significant slowing of population growth, we face irreversible degradation of the natural environment and continued poverty for much of the world. - Malcolm Potts
  • We cannot confront the massive challenges of poverty, hunger, disease, and environmental destruction unless we address issues of population and reproductive health. - Thoraya Ahmed
  • There are too many of us. That's plain to see - Blur, Band
  • One always returns to the fact that there are just too many of us, the population continues to rise and it's unsustainable. - Jeremy Irons
  • Excessive population growth may reduce output per worker, repress levels of living for the masses, and engender strife. - Confucius
  • The strongest witness is the vast population of the Earth to which we are a burden and she scarcely can provide for our needs. - Tertullian
  • The problem of the growing food shortage cannot be solved without in many cases a simultaneous effort to moderate population growth. - U Thant
  • Overpopulation is a serious issue. The human race will soon have to get used to 12 in a room. - Spike Milligan

World Population Day Posters

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Here are some examples of poster texts:

  • Poster 1 : To World Population Day, To a sustainable future.

  • Poster 2 : Bring the future to its best, today on the 17th of July.

  • Poster 3 : Population growth is finally being addressed!

  • Poster 4 : This day of Population growth awareness spread is one step ahead.

  • Poster 5 : In 2024, commemorate World Population Day by empowering every voice.

  • Poster 6 : Healthy Planet, Healthy People: 2024 World Population Day.

  • Poster 7 : Join Hands for Fairness and Development on World Population Day 2024.

  • Poster 8 : The Answer to Population Sustainability is Education for All - 2024.

  • Poster 9 : Day of World Population 2024: Empowering Women, Empowering Nations.

  • Poster 10 : World Population Day 2024: Population Balance and Climate Action.