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Calendar May 2024:
List of Hindu Festivals & Important Days in India

Postive 28 April, 2024

Hindu Religious Festivals in May 2024 are seen and celebrated all over the country, where they are rooted in the ideologies of religion and traditions. People celebrate these important days in with great zeal and spark to rejoice in their rich religion.

Festivals in May 2024 might differ from state to state, but there are several festivals that are celebrated all over the country with a sense of unity and are made up of beautiful cultures, dialects, and customs. The Hindu community celebrates several Important days in May 2024.

Hindu festivals consist of a deep variance in culture and important days in May 2024! In this blog, we will look through the auspicious calendar of May 2024, exploring the significance of each Hindu festival and the important day that adorns this colorful month.

May is a month filled with important days in 2024. It is a month where religion and traditions co-incide, and all the Indian Festivals in May 2024 resonate deeply with the hearts of millions in this country.

List of important dates according to the May Calendar 2024

  • - Maharashtra Day / Gujarat Day / International Worker's Day

    Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day celebrate the formation of these states in India. International Worker's Day honors the contributions of workers worldwide and promotes labor rights and fair working conditions.

  • - World Laughter Day

    World Laughter Day is a global celebration highlighting the importance of laughter and its positive impact on health and well-being.

  • - World Athletics Day / World Asthma Day

    -  World Athletics Day promotes the sport of athletics and encourages participation at all levels.

    -  World Asthma Day raises awareness about asthma, its management, and support for individuals with asthma worldwide.

  • - World Red Cross Day / World Thalassaemia Day

    -  World Red Cross Day honors the principles of the Red Cross movement and recognizes humanitarian efforts worldwide.

    -  World Thalassaemia Day raises awareness about thalassaemia, a genetic blood disorder, and supports those affected by it.

  • - Maharana Pratap Jayanti

    Maharana Pratap Jayanti commemorates the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, a legendary Rajput warrior king known for his valor and patriotism.

  • - National Technology Day

    National Technology Day celebrates technological advancements and innovations that contribute to the progress and development of society.

  • - Mother's Day / International Nurses Day

    -  Mother's Day honors mothers and motherhood, expressing gratitude for their love and sacrifices.

    -  International Nurses Day recognizes the contributions of nurses worldwide and their vital role in healthcare.

  • - International Day of Families

    International Day of Families promotes the importance of family and highlights issues affecting families globally.

  • - World Telecommunication Day

    World Telecommunication Day focuses on the role of telecommunications in connecting people and advancing communication technologies.

  • - International Museum Day

    International Museum Day celebrates the cultural significance of museums and promotes public awareness about their role in preserving heritage.

  • - Anti-Terrorism Day / Rajiv Gandhi Death Anniversary

    -  Anti-Terrorism Day raises awareness about the impact of terrorism and promotes peace and unity.

    -  Rajiv Gandhi Death Anniversary commemorates the former Prime Minister of India and his contributions to the nation.

  • - National Brother's Day

    National Brother's Day celebrates the bond between brothers and the importance of sibling relationships.

  • - Jawaharlal Nehru Death Anniversary

    Jawaharlal Nehru Death Anniversary commemorates the first Prime Minister of India and his leadership in the country's independence movement.

  • - World No Tobacco Day

    World No Tobacco Day raises awareness about the health risks associated with tobacco use and promotes tobacco control initiatives globally.

List of Festivals according to Hindu Calendar May 2024

  • - Vaishakha Amavasya

    Vaishakha Amavasya marks the no moon day in the month of May and holds significance for performing rituals for ancestors (pitru tarpan) and seeking their blessings and peace. Devotees perform tarpan, offer prayers, and engage in acts of charity in memory of departed souls.

  • - Akshaya Tritiya

    Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is a highly auspicious day for Hindus. It is believed that any venture or activity started on this day is bound to prosper and bring success. People often buy gold, start new businesses, conduct religious ceremonies, and seek blessings for prosperity and abundance.

  • - Buddha Purnima

    Buddha Purnima, also called Vesak or Buddha Jayanti, commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death (parinirvana) of Lord Buddha. Devotees visit temples, offer prayers, meditate, and participate in spiritual discourses to honor the teachings of Buddha and seek inner peace and enlightenment.

  • - Vaishakha Purnima

    Vaishakha Purnima marks the full moon day in the month of Vaishakha and is considered auspicious for spiritual activities. Devotees perform rituals, take holy baths in rivers, and engage in charity and acts of compassion to seek blessings and spiritual merit.

  • - Narada Jayanti

    Narada Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of Sage Narada, a prominent figure in Hindu mythology known for his devotion to Lord Vishnu and his role as a celestial messenger. Devotees worship Sage Narada, recite his hymns, and reflect on his teachings of devotion, music, and knowledge.

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