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World Blood Donor Day 2024:
Theme, History, Significance, Awareness Messages & Posters

Postive 12 June, 2024

Remember Covid?? When the whole world was under lockdown, nobody could meet friends or family, no moral support for a time like that, but just visible humanity at EACH AND EVERY news channel one could see. Constant headlines of “Blood donation saved him”, “A man helps with commutation of patients”, “NEED FOR OXYGEN- contact: …” These were the scenes that draped our memory of the time. THAT!! Is the sole reason for important and empathetic days like World Blood Donor Day.

World Blood Donor Day Theme

The World Blood Donor Day theme this year is simply to “appreciate 20 years of celebrating giving: thank you blood donors!” This year on 14th June 2024, all the blood donors are to be celebrated for their act of bravery, by donating Blood to those who are in need. Though WHO appreciated the “simple act of giving”, but we promise that here at Postive Festival Post Maker App. We will also appreciate the courageous task of those who would rather run away from NEEDLES!, yet woke up and chose to give back to humanity.

This year WHO (World Health Organization) are extra happy since they celebrate the 20th “Happy Birthday” of Blood Donors Day. This also makes 20 years of people believing in “helping” and “giving”, something that makes us believe again in humanity every year. World Blood Donor Day is commemorating its 20th anniversary, which is a great and appropriate time to honor the significant influence blood donors and patients have on one another as well as to thank blood donors worldwide for their numerous life-saving donations across the years. Additionally, now is a good time to address ongoing issues and advance the goal of universal access to safe blood transfusions in the future.

World Blood Donor Day History

The World Blood Donor day has been celebrated every year on 14th June, since 2004; the year when WHO along with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies started celebrating “giving”. 2005 though precisely marks WHO's successful efforts to bring on board 192 member states in the month of May, to produce worldwide appreciation for this kind act, while also motivating people to donate more blood across all the countries (sneakyyy whooo now!!) (pun intended).

Not so coincidentally, 14th June is also the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, who was an Austrian American biologist, physician, and immunologist who was also a Nobel Prize winner for the field of Medicine and ABO blood group system. World Blood Donor Day History is an inspiration for the word of medicine, wherein humanity is often saved, yet the act of saving is seldom appreciated.

World Blood Donor Day Significance

The World Blood Donors Day significance is a tad bit more than basic “donating of blood”. The blood donors day signifies the importance of proper and sufficient plasma in the blood stream so as to nullify the effects of any sort of disease which has already entered the bloodstream. Despite the efficient campaign by the United Nations's body WHO and the Red Cross Society, still based on available data, it is evident that only 62 nations receive enough blood supplies from unpaid, voluntary donors, while 40 other nations still rely on paid donors or family members of the patient to donate blood. In the remaining nations on the planet.

As the new bacterias and viruses continue taking over the world, we believe that donation of healthy blood within large communities is a crucial feature of humanity that must be sustained for as long as it can be.

World Blood Donor Day Awareness Messages

This year for World Blood Donors Day, Postive Festival Post Maker App has come up with several awareness quotes to your subjective likings and awareness spread concepts. With Postive App quotes and messages you can choose your own “needle fearing” friend and motivate them to face it just once a year and be a part of this kind act of “giving”.

  • Happy World Blood Donors Day: Yes!! We see and appreciate you.
  • Happy World Blood Donors Day: Let's donate in the name of humanity.
  • This World Blood Donors Day Share your Blood and practice Brotherhood.
  • DONATION! WE NEED BLOOD! It's your time to help.
  • Isn't Donating fun? Well, it's better when it saves a life.
  • Happy Blood Donors Day: Where we all share nature, Let's all share clean and healthy blood.
  • PLASMA se Hoga, Viruses ka KHATMA!!!
  • WORLD BLOOD DONORS DAY: appreciate 20 years of celebrating giving: thank you blood donors!.
  • WORLD BLOOD DONORS DAY: Needles ke Daar ke aage, Life ki jeet hai.
  • World Blood Donors Day: A step towards saving lives.

World Blood Donor Day Posters

Postive Festival Poster Making App lets you bring out the fun yet caring side in your heart to support a cause each and every day. Posters that can INHALEE your ideas and EXHALEEE perfect poster templates for your posts.

  • Poster 1 : AHHHH BLOOOODD!!!! Don't be scared, It's to save a life…

  • Poster 2 : BLOOD DONATION: It's the small things that count.

  • Poster 3 : Karl Landsteiner: I created the ABO blood type Blood Donors: WE KNOW!! We are doing our best to share the KNOWLEDGE…

  • Poster 4 : Donating Blood is the only SOCIALISM to follow: HAPPY WORLD BLOOD DONORS DAY.

  • Poster 5 : BLOOD DONATION: This is “OUR KINDA” thing now, it's about giving it back.

  • Poster 6 : WORLD BLOOD DONORS DAY: What could defeat viruses? Blood donations…

  • Poster 7 : HAPPY WORLD BLOOD DONATION DAY: Celebrate your friends who find solace in giving.

  • Poster 8 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KARL LANDSTEINER: Happy World Donors Day.

  • Poster 9 : Doesn't bringing a smile to a face feel nice? What if you could IMPACT A LIFE? Donate This WORLD BLOOD DONORS DAY.

  • Poster 10 : Donate Blood, Save Lives